Luxury Mobile Pet S’paw


Full S'paw Day

Is your dog barking to be the most dapper on the block? Allow us to pamper your pooch with a full S’paw experience!

S’paw Day includes a luxury bath, blow dry, brush out, personalized haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a bow or bandana.


Starting at $80

Just a Fluff

Looking for that fresh from the groomer swag without actually wanting a full haircut? We can freshen up your pup with a luxury bath and light trimming!

Just a Fluff includes a luxury bath, blow dry, brush out, light trimming around face, feet, and sanitary areas, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a bow or bandana.


Starting at $65

Primp and Go

No haircut needed? That’s okay! Your pooch can enjoy a soothing bath with all the luxuries, primp, and go!

Primp and Go includes a luxury bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a bow or bandana.


Starting at $55

Brazilian Blow Out

Tired of finding hair all over your house? Let us revitalize your pets coat to get rid of the dry undercoat and reveal their beautiful, healthy coat underneath.

Brazilian Blow Out includes a dead sea mineral mud bath, blow dry, complete brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a bow or bandana.

Starting at $100


Glamour Paws

Pops of color to bring out the flare in your pups style. Including ears, tail, mohawk, boots, and/or pom poms.

Starting at $20

Funky Pup

Eye catching color combinations and/or hand painted designs.

Starting at $30

Show Stopper

Turn every head on the block with a full body color or themed design.

Starting at $75


A manicure for your pooch. Nail polish or nail polish strips.

Starting at $15



Kitty need a haircut? We offer sassy lion cuts, maintenance trims, and longer options for cats who are groomed on the regular.

Cat-titude package includes haircut, luxury bath, brush out, and nail trim.

Starting at $100

Purr-ty Kitty

Have a purr-ty friend who just needs a good bath? We do that, too!

Purr-ty Kitty package includes luxury bath, brush out, and nail trim.

Starting at $75

Brazilian Blow Out

Finding hair all over the house from your kitty? We have a special shampoo and conditioner with dead sea minerals to help loosen up the dead undercoat, leaving her fur soft and healthy!

Brazilian blow out includes luxury bath, brush out, de-shed, and nail trim.

Starting at $100


Cat nails looking more like talons? We’ve got you covered.

Cat nail trim.

Starting at $20


Feather Extensions



Temporary Tattoos

Color Disclaimer

All color is pet safe, non toxic, and made specifically for dogs.
We do not offer permanent or semi permanent dyes for cats.
Your dog must be over 6 months of age to receive color.
Color is done in succession with a regular grooming appointment.
Your dogs must enjoy the grooming process, and have been groomed by Paw Chić at least once prior, to be a candidate for color.
Not all dogs will be eligible for color.

Meet the Groomers

Rayne, Britt, and Haevyn

2008 – present

Paw Chic is a family owned, family ran business. 14 years ago Britt and I met when we started working in the same grooming salon. After 12 years together, welcoming a little girl/aspiring pet stylist, competing in a creative grooming competition, and owning a plethora of pets, we decided to jump into the mobile industry. We couldn’t think of a better way to do what we love, then to do it as a family.


Our love for pets and passion for the industry take us above and beyond ordinary salons. We give each and every pet the most paw-sitve, stress free, and fabulous grooming experience every visit. Not all groomers are created equal and neither are pets. We tailor each grooming experience to fit each pet’s needs. If your furbaby has had a bad experience at a groomer, we will try everything we can to rehabilitate and heal their past trauma to create new

paw-sitive memories. Your pet will no longer have to experience any kennel time, loud barking dogs, long wait times at the groomer, or any other stressful triggers.

We also have a passion for colorful creations. Whether its a simple pop of color, fabulous feather extensions, or full scale dye jobs, we want your pet to turn heads everywhere they go. We always use non-toxic, pet safe dyes to keep your pet safe. Our color and accessory’s are to enhance the grooming experience. We will never force anything on any pet, for any reason. Paw-sitive experiences only.


Mobile grooming provides a safer, quieter option for ill, elderly, or aggressive pets. While we hope to rehabilitate traumatized dogs, we will not work with an aggressive dog that has not shown improvement after 2 visits and we will not groom aggressive cats. We prioritize safety, for both the animals and the groomers. If you have an ill, elderly, or aggressive pet, please email us prior to booking for cost and assessment.


During the Covid pandemic, health and safety is our priority. We have been certified on the safety practices during this pandemic. Let us come to you, so you can avoid any long lines or interactions with other customers which could put your safety at risk.


Let us treat you and your pets to the finer side of grooming.

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